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One year ago today…

It has not been the best of years.
The vaccination prediction was slightly optimistic, as it turns out, at least for us working stiffs. The vaccine queue calculator for Ireland says we can expect our first shot somewhere between October this year (19 months, not 18) and April next year (25 months, not 18). Oh well.
The rest seems to have been fair enough though.


  1. I don’t understand why it is taking so long to vaccinate everyone.

  2. As far as any of can tell Ralph, it’s a mix of supply issues (AstraZeneca are pulling some really dodgy looking stuff over here with contracts to the UK vs contracts to the EU) and general governmental incompetence (our health service professionals have knocked it out of the park constantly all year, but our TDs have… well… you know how you can have a really low set of expectations for people and they can still fail to meet them? That, but worse).

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