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Finish line

Big parcel arrived in the post…

Mind you, it felt light, but still, I think this might be overpacking 😀

Inlay binding. Interesting to watch it being made if you ever get the chance. It’s supposed to be a purely decorative element, and it costs so much less than the shipping that I got a few different bands, but I’m only interested in one…

And the point of this pattern isn’t normal decoration…

Cut to width, knife in lines, chisel and #722 router plane down to depth (the depth being the thickness of the binding), and chisel it just a hair too wide, so add a piece of stringing to close the gap…

Let the glue set and trim to the surface…

And there’s the finish line for the racetrack 😀

I think that’s the last of the stringing for this shelf as well.… Read the rest

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Stringing along…

Finally back in the shed after a few weeks of long work days, and it’s time to try to get the stringing finished. 

First up, prepping some material, cutting the strings and planing the edges reasonably straight, then thicknessing them with the scraper tool which I’ve tweaked slightly. 

Still needs a lot more tweaking though, it’s still rather rough. 

Straight lines first, then on to heat-bending the stringing for the curves…

And after letting the glue set a bit, out with the chisel and lop off the excess and take the stringing down to a few thou over the surface (the final smoothing pass will take everything to the same plane, but I’ll hold off on that until the epoxy and everything else is done). 

There’s a bit of inlay banding for the start/finish line on the racetrack, and then there’s a large blue epoxy sea for the Titanic to sink on, and maybe some other bits and pieces if I can think of any. … Read the rest

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Desk inlay

So the box is now done (bar a branding that I somehow forgot and will be trying to do on the roof of the office tomorrow), there was a surprisingly short clean-down and then back to the desk. 

That’s the actual desk itself and my box of education to the left (as in, “why would anyone want furniture built in cherry, it’s so awful and orange” followed by opening the box and seeing what nice cherry looks like and then going “why do we use any other kind of wood?” 😀 Thanks again custard! 😀 )

I have a very basic idea in my head for what the desk surface will be – a racetrack surrounding an ocean complete with iceberg (the Titanic has to be able to hit something after all).… Read the rest

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