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One year ago today…

It has not been the best of years.
The vaccination prediction was slightly optimistic, as it turns out, at least for us working stiffs. The vaccine queue calculator for Ireland says we can expect our first shot somewhere between October this year (19 months, not 18) and April next year (25 months, not 18). Oh well.
The rest seems to have been fair enough though.… Read the rest

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Hunkering down.

Lots of changes going on at the moment. That’s the nature of sharp transitions – lots of work to get over that step change and then we can settle in. In our case, we’re lucky, mostly we’re having to buy stuff we’d planned to buy over a few months in a few days, set up the home office so both of us can work from there (buying from Ikea instead of making stuff, the horror!) and doing the five million cleanup tasks round the place that normally we can ignore because we’re not here all the time. And the home schooling of course. That’s more a challange because we have to also do day jobs, and the gained time from not commuting every day isn’t quite enough to make up the gap.… Read the rest

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