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Suura over coffee

Filmed before Mobile World Congress:

[stextbox id=”custom” color=”000000″ bcolor=”0101fd” bgcolor=”e1e1fd”]Suura.com have developed patent-pending technology to silently authenticate 3G subscribers onto existing WiFi networks, without modification to those networks, creating the opportunity for 3G data subscribers to roam, without intervention, onto more cost efficient WiFi networks. Suura also meters the use, so the WiFi provider can be compensated for the offload.

Suura brings the promise of low-cost WiFi access through public hotspots. The system is targeted towards users that wish to surf the Web or make VoIP calls while they are roaming. Suura has the ability to seamless authenticate mobile devices through WiFi hotsposts using a single click mechanism and works on all the major mobile platforms.

Contact john.whelan@tcd.ie for more information or call +353-1-896-3269[/stextbox]

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