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Fujitsiu LT C-500 touchscreen in Ubuntu

Just as a small note to anyone trying to get this to work, the fpit driver has a bug in every version of ubuntu up to and including hardy; upgrade to intrepid and you get fully a functional touchscreen again, using this xorg.conf:

Section "InputDevice"
    Identifier     "touchscreen"
    Driver         "fpit"
    Option         "Device"    "/dev/ttyS1"
    Option        "BaudRate"    "9600"
    Option        "MaximumXPosition"    "4096"
    Option        "MaximumYPosition"    "4096"
    Option        "MinimumXPosition"    "0"
    Option        "MinimumYPosition"    "0"
    Option        "Passive"
    Option        "SendCoreEvents"
    Option        "TrackRandR" "true"

Just don’t try using KDE4 unless slow-motion work sounds appealing 😀 XFCE is reasonable though, so Xubuntu is an option (and what I’m running on it right now).

Now, on with the PyQT4 coding…


  1. Just installed xubuntu jaunty on this old clunker (coworkers, trying to bring it back to life)

    I can’t get the tablet to work, i even checked the synaptic packet manager to install the fpit package. I have seen 3 different serials used for th screen S1, S3,and S5, how do i know which one to use?

  2. S1 is what I tried; check through /var/log/syslog on bootup for any helpful messages, but if you’ve only three options, how long can it take to check? They’re slow, but not that slow! 😀

  3. Checked the syslog to no avail, i see TTYS0 and TTYS1 mentioned but alas, nothing – note that i have the Fujitsu Stylstic LT-600

    And yeah it is pretty damn slow to reboot after making the changes! Tried all options out there i’ve found and still can’t seem to get it to work. Any suggestions where to turn for help? Ubuntu forums are rarely helpful (especially when trying to do it on a newer version of xubuntu, i’ve found a few threads on older versions but nothing there worked)

  4. The LT-600 I’m not too sure of – and the ubuntu forums are typically dominated by the default platform (32-bit PCs). Even 64-bit PCs have little in there by comparison 🙁

    The places I used to go for more info (LinuxHardware.net, LiLAC and Linux for laptops) all seem to have gone to the great bit bucket in the sky for some reason, I’m afraid. After that, you’re down to google and blog searches 🙁 Sorry 🙁

  5. Damn, that sucks, any sort of testing commands i can try running from command line to see if fpit is working or if the serial is picking up any input?

    I know the tablet works, i had win2k working on it with touch just before i blew it out and started fresh with xubuntu

  6. I was wondering where do I put this line of code? I’ve never used Linux before, and a friend of mine suggested using Ubuntu, so I figured I’d try it.

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