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Stole a branch…

Okay, so part of the lockdown in Ireland is that we can go outside to exercise so long as we stay within 2km of home. And Fernhill is well inside that circle for us, so we go there to walk around somewhere that doesn’t have ceilings…

I mean, look at it, who wouldn’t go there? Calum even gets to chase squirrels. And they do the whole fairy-door-in-the-tree thing as well. Like this, only this is from the woods near Seafield hotel in Wicklow last year:

But Seafield has mushrooms and toadstools as well and Fernhill doesn’t:

Thing is, Fernhill had the tree surgeon in before the lockdown and they haven’t had a chance since to haul away all the logs…. so I stole one. Just picked it up and walked away with it. Probably getting some odd looks in the process. Certainly got some from Claire…

There is a plan, apart from a life of larceny and looting in a pandemic.

First off, hack off a lump of the branch while being annoyed I don’t have a bandsaw big enough for that job.

Next, stick it on the lathe…

Roughed out. I think it’s got some mild spalting in there.

Ah, the mess. Funny how nobody mentions this when telling you woodturning is fun. Also, say hi to the new air compressor. It picked a fun time to arrive 😀 Air hose hasn’t arrived yet though, so it’s dormant for now. And only a 6 litre capacity, so no impact wrenchs. It fits into the shed though, which is a major plus, and it’ll do grand for airbrushing and brad nailers.

Bit of carving with parting tools, bowl and spindle gouges and it’s time to sand. Until that 3D printing gets done, we’re on janky extraction setup for the dust. Works though.

Then BLO, a coat of button shellac and some beeswax and….

I reckon I can get three or four of these out of that log. Then we’ll take them back up to Fernhill and plant them beside the fairy doors. Feck ye Seafield, we’ve got toadstools too 😛


  1. Mark,

    Good use of the downed wood. It looks as if it would work for spoons as well. I wonder if a Fairy Door would work in a Saguaro :-). Summer is coming on and a walk in a nice wooded area would be nice.

    Take care and be safe,


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