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Fancy pencil

So the first of the fancy pens is going to be a pencil 🙂 Not the normal mechanical 0.7mm lead pencil but a clutch pencil (or I’ve heard them called lead holders as well). 5.6mm lead, so a bit beefy, and more intended for sketching than for handwriting. So I can actually use this for the shed sketchbook as well, for sketching out ideas for turning, which don’t seem to get as many dimensions as the woodworking stuff, mainly because most of the time the exact line of a piece is whatever random shape I wound up getting when I stuck the tool into the spinning thing on the lathe what the wood said it should be. 😛

This is the kit I’m using, and that picture is what Feinesholz says it should look like when you’re done, if you didn’t cock it up 🙂 It’s not hugely spendy (I mean, it’s more than the basic slimline 7mm pen kit which is about the cheapest standard kit I know of, but compared to fancy fountain pens, it’s less than half their price tag).… Read the rest

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Stole a branch…

Okay, so part of the lockdown in Ireland is that we can go outside to exercise so long as we stay within 2km of home. And Fernhill is well inside that circle for us, so we go there to walk around somewhere that doesn’t have ceilings…

I mean, look at it, who wouldn’t go there? Calum even gets to chase squirrels. And they do the whole fairy-door-in-the-tree thing as well. Like this, only this is from the woods near Seafield hotel in Wicklow last year:

But Seafield has mushrooms and toadstools as well and Fernhill doesn’t:

Thing is, Fernhill had the tree surgeon in before the lockdown and they haven’t had a chance since to haul away all the logs…. so I stole one. Just picked it up and walked away with it.… Read the rest

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