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Back to the yard…

So I have a few other projects I wanted to try on this year, and I needed the material for them and I figured it’d be no harm to have some extra on hand in case I make a total dog’s breakfast of the cot’s steambending, so it was back to Quinns today…

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So much fun stuff in this place 😀 And apparently they’d seen the photos from the last day and liked them, so Hi John and Paul if you’re reading.

Paul did his usual grand job of making everything very easy on me, and I wandered away with almost too much wood for the car this time. Oak, ash, poplar and walnut, almost eight cubic feet of the stuff in total (which is a lot more than it sounds when it’s in the form of 16′ long 1″ thick boards).

Transport was a bit of fun 😀 I am slowly learning the limits of what the car can hold…


And storage is also posing challenges. I think I’m going to have to break a lot of this stuff down today for the rough cuts (handily, I know what it’s all for so I have cutlists).


Got talking to John while I was there, and apparently they’re putting in for FSC recognition at the moment (basically, think fair trade but for timber) and we were talking away for a bit about the trade which was educational. And John also mentioned that they’d had some sapele come back in which the customer had had a problem with, but which they were now treating as offcuts and selling at €10 per cubic foot.

2016-10-28-11-24-28a 2016-10-28-11-24-11a

It’s all 2″ thick stock or more though so I didn’t take his hand off at the wrist. If I had a bandsaw, that would all have landed in my car boot though. As it was, I took the only bit of 1″ stock that was left, and it has some really nice grain in it.


I can see why people like this stuff. I’ve not had a chance to play with some before, so this should be interesting…


  1. And I hear it’s a sod for being brittle as well. Oh well, I’ll have some fun learning I guess 😀 And it’s not for anything in particular, it was a free off-cut because there’s only about two feet on it that’s usable (the rest is cracked). But enough to get a feel for what it’s like to play with.

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