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WTF phone calls


ffs can’t I get any work done… “Hello?”

“Yes, hello?”

ah wtf is this… “Hello, who is this?”
-“Ah, hello, this is K from Three, how are you?”
“I’m fine, what’s up?”
-“I’m calling from Three and I just need to confirm your security details please, what is your date of birth?”

“Excuse me?”

-“What is your date of birth?”

You’re kidding me… “K, just repeat that to me, would you please?”

-sounding fustrated now “I’m calling from Three. I just need to verify your identity. Could you confirm your security details please, what is your date of birth?”

“K, you’ve called me on my personal phone, and you want me to give you *my* security details? Does that not sound like a really dumb idea to you?”

-“It’s just to verify your identity sir”

How did I wake up in a standup routine? “Thank you K, but I’m not going to be doing that today”

-“I can’t continue with this call then sir”

oh, the loss… “Grand, bye” <click>

Who thinks this is a sane way to try to contact customers?

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  1. I’ve had similar before with credit card. I had someone ring from a private number asking for name, & serial number.
    Simiarly to you i stopped them and said because of the source of it i was not going to give out any information.
    Politely of course.

    However since it was my credit card i figured i should check it out so i asked them for their staff number and told them i’d call them back through their main line.

    It was genuine. I asked them do people really give out that data over the phone.. . they said yup and while they could completely understand my concern i was one of only a handful who had ever called them on it.

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