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Clothing for new fathers

Attention Garment Industry.

You guys seem really well able to make garments for new mothers, so would one of you please pay attention here for a moment? Observe, the classic “NATO” jumper:

NATO JumperThere are many variants on this jumper, but for the moment, please ignore the jumper itself and direct your attention to the patches at the shoulder.

Now, I want you to imagine those patches made larger and made from a teflon-coated water-resistant, wipe-clean fabric.

And now I want  you to imagine the money rolling in as every new father who’s ever been thrown up on by junior because there wasn’t a muslin/burp cloth within easy reach when junior *had* to be picked up and comforted *right now*, lest he scream loudly enough to tear a vocal cord.

Call them Dad Jumpers. Or, if you can’t stop giggling, some other name. But for heaven’s sake, make some please?

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