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New job, new role, new challanges…

I’ve officially left Enovation Solutions as of 1700 on Friday, and as of 0900 on Monday, I go to work for dotMobi as a senior software engineer, to work on some more technically-oriented stuff. More specifically, I’m working with Andrea Trasatti on the new Device Database project announced recently (more here). I’ve been trying to get into more and more technically demanding roles over the past two years, but I’ve always been split between sysadmin and development roles; I still like both sides of the house, but it’s going to be interesting pursuing the development side alone for a little while, especially in this area, where I’m basicly writing tools for other developers.


  1. Congratulations on the new role Mark, hope it goes great for you! Sounds like the kind of role where you will be doing lots of hard-core programming if you are developing tools for other developers, does this include APIs?

  2. Yup, starting off with some fairly low-level kind of stuff with the device database project. Enjoying it immensely right now!

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