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Kubuntu 7.10

Gutsy Gibbon.


Not a fan of the name. But, I’ve got that X server memory hole in Feisty on my machine and Gutsy supposedly has the fix. Tried it at home last night on my dual-booting laptop (XP and Feisty until last night). Insert CD, reboot off CD, let it run.

Perfect installation. Haven’t had time to play with the neat cool 3D stuff yet, but the successful autodetection and the full setup was very impressive, especially compared to the bad old days when autosetup was a fast way to lock your machine up or worse, but nothing more! Have to say, I still like Debian for servers, but for desktop machines, I’m sold on the Ubuntu model. I don’t install my desktop often enough to become an expert on the process, so an idiot’s interface is a good thing for that for me. On a server, it’d be unacceptable but that’s a different gig alltogether. And the degree of polish is nice as well. There’s something very satisfying about pointing to your desktop as being more bling, bling than a windows users’ and also knowing that it’s a stable unix system underneath. It’s no wonder people love Macs these days.

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