1. did you rive the stock for this?

  2. Author

    Afraid not Shannon, that would require access
    to oak logs, some tools I don’t yet have and some way to dispose of the shavings ad debris (not to mention that the log wouldn’t really fit in the shed!). It’s all flatsawn kiln-dried stuff.

  3. I’m actually glad to hear that. I love Peter Follansbee’s stuff but it’s all rived and I don’t have the tooling for that kind of operation. Seeing something similar in kiln dried material is awesome.

  4. Author

    He did make the point in his video on New England Carving that riven green oak that’s air-dried for 2-4 weeks is the best material you can get for this, but that it’s far from the only material – granted, flat-sawn kiln-dried is the worst kind of oak to use for this (quartersawn air-dried if your timber yard carries it would be much better it seems), but you can totally use it. In fact he’s blogged about that point:

    There are several photos there of examples of carving in flatsawn stuff that he’s done and that he’s found from as far back as 1699.

    He’s also made several boxes in woods other than oak, he shows them off at the start of his Carved Oak Boxes videos, and mentions some made by other people on his blog as well:

  5. Sparks,
    the flower imprint on the dowel, is that I stamp I could buy? I like that idea and I would like to try it.

  6. Author

    Definitely Ralph, I got mine off ebay here: https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Beadsmith-Trio-Pack-Metal-Design-Stamp-Punches-5mm-Stamping-Tools-Choose-Design/182090593457

    Beadsmith is the crowd that makes that one, but there are other makers and they’re relatively cheap and there are a wide range of designs; not all work so well in every wood though. That flower for example, shows up nicely in tight-grained woods like poplar and walnut or as there in the end grain of sapele; but stamp it into a face of oak and you just get a blurry dent!

  7. Author

    The circles, incidentally were a common nail set, and the stippling was a piece of mild steel that had a file taken to it. I got my one of those secondhand in a job lot, but I had been planning to make mine and still might – getting a short length of mild steel is the hardest part to it if you know how to sharpen a saw, and I have a piece here. I just have some cleaning down to do first 😀

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