1. I’ve had an N900 for about a week now and have had no issues with making phone calls over GSM, Skype or even SIP. The main issues I’ve had so far:

    1. No MMS. This I can live with though as the sharing functionality is very good.
    2. Profile support is lacking. It would have been nice to have a profile for the car which would disable system sounds and allow only GSM calls.
    3. Profile for different connections would be nice. For example, only log into certain SIP accounts from certain internet connections.
    4. A better IMAP client would be nice.

    In general though the phone has been a joy to use.

    (Posted from my N900!)

  2. Author

    Actually, there is an app to give you profile support, I’ve come across it at some point in the last week. I’m not sure if it has as much in-depth support as you’re looking for, but…

  3. Thanks for the comprehensive review, it confirms my faith in my E71 !

  4. I found that after I upgraded the E71 to Firmware 4 after I had to unlock and unbrand the thing, the image quality is far better and the Phones camera is faster and more responsive , might be something to consider.

    Good comparison, I am going to wait until the market as more phones available later this year.

  5. The E71 comparison is unfair, since it is apparent that the autofocus has not been activated. You should try to recapture the images and remember to press T (autofocus) on the E71 keyboard. You will be amazed by the difference. Otherwise a nice review!

  6. Right K’now i am using Nokia n900. But I am not getting the Nimbuzz software in my mobile

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