1. IRDA? A bit dated, no?

  2. Author

    You say dated, I say debugged 😀
    Lots of phones have IRDA, and laptops as well (Herself’s Dell laptop for example). For short-range, low-power data transfer, it’s hard to beat.

  3. Hey Mark,
    I got an HTC Hero a few weeks ago – I wish I’d thought to post about how bad I wanted one first.. I might have got offered a free trial.. 🙂
    Think the N900 is about as tempting a non-Windows, non-Android, non-iphone option as there is at the moment (which I intend as a compliment!) – I must say I love my Hero (despite occassionaly dodgy reception issues from Meteor) and now go to it 9 times out of 10 whenI would previously have used Sarah’s netbook. I’m also preferring the Android apps and Web experience to my i-pod touch’s.
    The N900 looks good and is tempting, I look forward to seeing/hearing how you get on.

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