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Weekend work

Not much progress on the project this weekend, the shed to-do list won this time. Started by getting the chisels off the bench and onto the wall in a very rough holder that I plan to replace later:


And it’s a good thing I plan to replace it because I was leaning over to the last screw on the left (there’s junk on the floor in the way) and slipped and squeezed the trigger on the drill driver:

2016-10-01-20-21-18aThis is the problem with power tools 😀

I knocked up a quick bench hook to match the shooting board, they’re nothing fancy but they’ll work for now:


And a few dogs with some of the bullet catches I got from ebay:


I also had a few of the latest bits off ebay arrive:


I was too sick of the mess from the titebond, so I got the silicone brush/tray/kit/thingy from rutlands.… Read the rest

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