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The united church of hand tools?



That was just a wee bit more shrine-y than I was thinking of!

Also, went to look at whether I could get more slats out of that dog’s breakfast of a resawing job.


On the left, the start of the cut with the ryoba. On the right, the finish of the cut with the disston. Ugh.


How everyone else doesn’t get this with their disston’s I don’t know. Total mess of a thing. I might get three or four more slats out of these boards if I’m lucky. I’ll have to rip them all down and check the thicknesses to make sure it didn’t dive below ⅜” once that mess is planed out. Worst case, I get a few slats to test finishes and ideas on. That wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. But still, when I look at how clean the ryoba’s cut was, I’m just annoyed:



I guess I’m just going to have to get a junior hacksaw and re-do the teeth on the disston.

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