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Birthday bag

The sister’s birthday was today so made a bag.

It’s a slightly modified version of a @hahn_atelier design:

I made the D-ring attachments slightly different, used a different connection between gusset and front/back panels and added a shoulder pad to the strap. But also, lined it, with french edging around the edges and the internal seams lined as well.

The french edging was made a lot easier with the welt knife.

Made a prototype initially using flooring vinyl.

But the real thing was made using Oceano coloured Maremma leatherv from Tuscany (from Conceria Puccini I believe) sourced from Tatra Leather and using Vinymo thread. Been trying that thread for the last little while and I’m liking it. Got some from Etsy and ordered a kilometre or so of it after working with it for a bit.… Read the rest

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