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World’s Fastest Shop Tour

I mean, it’s a shed tour to me, but…

Been meaning to do this for a while. All those shop tours on Youtube, taking an hour to walk round a palacial shop with enough room to store between four and forty of my little shed and still get work done…. meh. I can do that in under two minutes 😀
And since we’re all locked down in Ireland thanks to COVID19 right now…


  1. Mark,

    I love it, like Ralph, it needs more than one go to see everything.

    I’ll keep it bookmarked so anytime I’m feeling crowded I can watch.

    BTW, I just noticed the pictures of bread on the right side, beautiful loafs. I may make a couple this afternoon.


  2. Thanks Ken 😀
    The bread is Richard Bertinet’s recipe:
    500g strong white bread flour
    350g water
    10g yeast
    10g salt.
    Into a mixer, mix at the lowest speed for 4 minutes, then mix at medium speed for 10-12 minutes (all with a dough hook), then cover the bowl with a cloth for an hour to let it rise, divide to three or four doughballs depending on what you want to bake. For the fougasse, just flatten the ball and cut slots in it with your dough scraper, dust with flour and put it into a 230C oven for 12 minutes (I cook mine on a pizza stone). For the baguettes, shape the dough, proof for another hour on a floured teatowel, then bake at 260C or as hot as your oven will go for 12 minutes. In both cases, you want steam – I put a cast iron skillet in the bottom of the oven and add some boiling water to it just before the bread goes in, but you can just spray water from a spray bottle into the oven as well.
    He has some youtube videos showing how it’s done.
    (ALL of Ireland is currently baking enough bread for two countries right now 😀 )

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