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Small success

After a week, checked the carved, resawn, planed scraps of walnut.

No warping, no twisting, no cupping. I’m okay with calling that a success. The thing for me about making boxes is that without a large bandsaw to do proper resawing, the only way to thickness pieces involves planing away the excess and that excess wouldn’t be waste ideally, it’d be the other half of a new set of thinner boards. The bandsaw I do have can manage up to 75mm of material but beyond that doesn’t work because it can’t physically fit under the top bearing. I can resaw more than that by hand but it’s a pain in the fundament and you waste a lot more material – a 30mm board doesn’t resaw to 2x15mm boards anyway, you lose material to saw kerf to start with and if the cut wanders even a little, you lose more material planing to clean up afterwards.… Read the rest

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More small stuff

More tidying up. It’s starting to get a bit neater…

Next job, tidy up the panel and grasshopper gauges and put up one of the five(!) magnetic bars I got for the shed walls (if you buy two and bury them in shavings, you’ll forget you bought them and buy them again when they show up in Lidl again).

Little better. Want to tape up the f-clamp handles as well.

It’s just hockey stick grip tape, but it makes it a lot easier to crank on those handles when tightening up the clamp.

Now, onto tonights little experiment.

Take one offcut of walnut, mark it up for some carved arcading and hack away at it as fast and as carelessly as you like.

Told you so, but that isn’t the point of the experiment.… Read the rest

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After every long project, the shed is usually a mess – stuff I can’t reach around the piece of work physically to grab and put back in its place, finishing supplies out of their usual storage boxes, sawdust and shavings everywhere, and so on. Stuff you’ll get to when you have a minute. So today was cleandown day after the desk. On with the kneepads, pop out the collapsable garden waste bin (useful little thing that) and I wheeled the bandsaw and sander outside to give room to get all the detritus out, stuff that had built up over the last year or so, including behind and under the workbench and in between the stored wood planks. Long projects are the worst for this sort of thing.

Two hours in, I came to a decision to go through all the scraps and offcuts and get merciless.… Read the rest

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