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First up, cannabilising the old cart 😀

And we’ve no room in the shed so…

It knows what it did, it can stay there.

Meanwhile the new cart is not as stable under racking as I’d like given that it’s got a (sometimes running) bandsaw on it. So…

Used some left-over ash slats that hadn’t been resawn well and so wouldn’t have been used in anything else…

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New carts

The machines in the shed take up too much room.

And even the support machines for the machines take up too much room.

But the bandsaw does earn its keep and you can’t do bandsaw boxes without the sander and the thicknesser just removes the worst of the donkey work (and face it, in the 17th and 18th centuries, you had thicknessers too, you just called them apprentices) and you can’t use any of them without dust collection (well, you can, but the cleanup takes longer than doing the job by hand would have most of the time). Hence the shop vac and the cyclone. But they’re all just piled on top of each other and the bandsaw and sander are in a huge clunky cart that I threw together as fast as possible rather than making properly.… Read the rest

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Shed jobs

Took a few days to get back into the shed after dousing the bench in BLO. I thought it’d be dry by now. Nope, still had a small film of oil on top. Not gummy, it’s just that it’s been so cold (-4C last night I think) that the BLO hadn’t started to cure yet. So I wiped off the excess again (whatever’s penetrated into the wood will cure in its own time, and that should be the majority of it) and got on with the small shop jobs that have been piling up.

First though, new toy…

I have no idea what I’ll use it for, but it’s a bottle jack. Thousand and one uses. €13 in lidl at the moment and 3000kg load and just over seven inches tall.… Read the rest

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