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The $9 computer kickstarter project finally arrived.
2016-06-28 20.33.20Granted, it’s been beaten to the punch by the raspberry pi zero, but out of the box it has some nice touches…

2016-06-28 20.34.11

It’s wider than the zero but a bit shorter. Female headers, so that’s a bit more robust and easier for breadboarding and the pinout is printed on the header (you can see that more readily below). 2016-06-28 20.34.37

Nice insulating back cover so that you don’t need a protective box for it on the bench from day one (wouldn’t recommend deploying it without a box of course, but the pi zero really needs some protection even on the bench).
2016-06-28 20.34.57I do like that touch of the pinouts on the header.
Haven’t had time to fire it up and play yet, but first out-of-the-box impressions aren’t bad…


  1. What sort of specs does this cute little system have? I’ve got an odroid system on my desk for some arm porting test work (4 way 64-bit cpus + 2G ram, all in a raspberry Pi form factor). The base cost for the odroid is only $35 (the mmc memory card I put in it actually costs more than the cpu board).

  2. 1GHz A13 processor, 512Mb RAM, 4Gb storage (flash), USB, wifi, bluetooth, native RCA video out with add-one boards for VGA and HDMI (I got the VGA one), I2C, SPI, 8x GPIO, built-in lithium battery support (ie. run off a lithium battery and if you plug in the USB power, it can charge the lithium battery for you). Still haven’t been able to play much with it yet though.

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