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Raw materials

2016-04-28 13.42.18a

Whoops, delivered into my neighbour’s parking spot. Sorry about that Ken!
2016-04-28 13.42.28a

50x22x4.8m (2″x1″x16′) x4€7.68
75x44x4.8m (2″x3″x16′) x3€16.97
100x44x4.8m (2″x4″x16′) x13€98.34
Bricks x6€3.34

There were shipping and handling charges on top of that though. All bought from www.build4less.ie.

2016-04-28 14.02.25a
Shlepped through the house by hand to the back garden and wrapped in a tarp against rain.

2016-04-28 20.30.42a 2016-04-28 20.30.23a 2016-04-28 20.30.01a

I love my mitre saw. Rough-cut 320′ of timber down to a stickered stack of wood in the shed in a single evening (with time for dinner).

2016-04-28 20.39.50a 2016-04-28 20.39.42a

And stacked in the shed to acclimatise for a few weeks.

2016-04-28 20.58.09a

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