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New old tools

The product of way too much time on ebay of late, building up a small toolchest-worth of tools for a project…

2016-04-24 13.33.54a
2016-04-24 13.34.06b

2016-04-24 13.32.44b

Yes, you need that many planes  😀

2016-04-24 13.34.24a 2016-04-24 13.35.08a

Got to love the 778. Takes the standard Stanley 78 design and improves it by adding a second rail to the fence for stability. And it cuts like a hot knife through butter.

2016-04-24 13.30.08a

Small little 76 hand plane for small corners…

2016-04-24 13.27.54a

…and a rather larger number seven plane for jointing…

2016-05-08 20.59.00a

…and a rather rough-and-ready little 75 hand plane for tight corners…

2016-05-22 16.54.46a

…and a number three plane so Calum can help…

2016-05-22 17.40.32a

And a 77 plane to act as a shoulder plane to tidy up tenon shoulders…

2016-05-27 14.08.48aAnd a veritas marking gauge because the normal block-pattern one I had was thirty years old and sticking a lot. This however, is a pleasure to use.

Next up – what I’m doing with them all…

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