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You call this a choice?

For the European elections tomorrow I’d like a pro-choice, pro-secular, pro-digital-rights candidate, preferably with STEM qualifications, and as an optional extra, not anti-private-firearms-ownership (because I like Olympic target shooting). I’m even flexible on the last two because you can’t have everything.

Instead, I get to choose from a field of two people from an Anti-Vaccination, Anti-Fluoridation, Pro-Homeopathy party (one of whom just quits whatever party she’s in every so often); one guy whose party was kneecapping people and bombing cars and pubs for the majority of my lifetime; and one lady whose party is in government busily stomping over all of its stated principles and won’t sign the pro-secular statement despite agreeing with it because Voters.

And politicians have the cheek to ask why people suffer from voter apathy.… Read the rest

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I didn’t write this up for a while. I just chalked it up as a really bad movie and a waste of talent and forgot about it. Then some gombeen gave that dross seven Oscars, so I wanted to rant a bit. Who gives out Oscars for proving that with only an obscene amount of money and a team of personal trainers, dieticians, professional lighting experts, veteran cameramen and a ground-breaking special effects team, a fifty-year-old woman can look good in her pants?

There were one or two good parts. I liked the effects. Sod that, I loved the effects, they were outstanding. I liked that someone paid huge amounts of attention to detail in the props (seriously, read any of the commentary by astronauts who worked on the ISS, they’re impressed by the level of detail there).… Read the rest

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