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You call this a choice?

For the European elections tomorrow I’d like a pro-choice, pro-secular, pro-digital-rights candidate, preferably with STEM qualifications, and as an optional extra, not anti-private-firearms-ownership (because I like Olympic target shooting). I’m even flexible on the last two because you can’t have everything.

Instead, I get to choose from a field of two people from an Anti-Vaccination, Anti-Fluoridation, Pro-Homeopathy party (one of whom just quits whatever party she’s in every so often); one guy whose party was kneecapping people and bombing cars and pubs for the majority of my lifetime; and one lady whose party is in government busily stomping over all of its stated principles and won’t sign the pro-secular statement despite agreeing with it because Voters.

And politicians have the cheek to ask why people suffer from voter apathy.

And that’s just the European election candidates, the local elections make them seem eminently qualified and filled with wisdom by comparison. The mouthbreathing knuckledragging gombeens they dug up for the locals make me think we’d be better off overall if we just euthanised the lot of them. Seriously, this is the kind of inbred moron we get to vote for in those elections.

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  1. Voted.

    Got all the way to one preference in the locals and two in the EU elections and then ran out of candidates that were more at home on a ballot paper than in a Garda lineup. And even at that, didn’t have any candidates that weren’t serious compromises. Deeply unimpressed.

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