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You call this a choice?

For the European elections tomorrow I’d like a pro-choice, pro-secular, pro-digital-rights candidate, preferably with STEM qualifications, and as an optional extra, not anti-private-firearms-ownership (because I like Olympic target shooting). I’m even flexible on the last two because you can’t have everything.

Instead, I get to choose from a field of two people from an Anti-Vaccination, Anti-Fluoridation, Pro-Homeopathy party (one of whom just quits whatever party she’s in every so often); one guy whose party was kneecapping people and bombing cars and pubs for the majority of my lifetime; and one lady whose party is in government busily stomping over all of its stated principles and won’t sign the pro-secular statement despite agreeing with it because Voters.

And politicians have the cheek to ask why people suffer from voter apathy.… Read the rest

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