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Fujitsiu LT C-500 touchscreen in Ubuntu

Just as a small note to anyone trying to get this to work, the fpit driver has a bug in every version of ubuntu up to and including hardy; upgrade to intrepid and you get fully a functional touchscreen again, using this xorg.conf:

Section "InputDevice"
    Identifier     "touchscreen"
    Driver         "fpit"
    Option         "Device"    "/dev/ttyS1"
    Option        "BaudRate"    "9600"
    Option        "MaximumXPosition"    "4096"
    Option        "MaximumYPosition"    "4096"
    Option        "MinimumXPosition"    "0"
    Option        "MinimumYPosition"    "0"
    Option        "Passive"
    Option        "SendCoreEvents"
    Option        "TrackRandR" "true"

Just don’t try using KDE4 unless slow-motion work sounds appealing 😀 XFCE is reasonable though, so Xubuntu is an option (and what I’m running on it right now).

Now, on with the PyQT4 coding…… Read the rest

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New Toy…

I used to be a great fan of the “study sim” genre – flight sims which tried to model their aircraft as accurately as possible. The acme of the genre (and simultaenously its nadir thanks to system requirements and a plethora of bugs and instabilities) was Falcon 4.0, a simulation so accurate that F-16 pilots reported no discenable difference between the simulation and the real thing (beyond the obvious). They even took one player of the simulator up in a real Block 52 F-16 and had him fly for a few minutes, and he was able to do so successfully (not to trained professional fighter pilot standards, true, but for a guy who trained on a home PC, it was a definite succes).

Well, the new laptop can finally handle the computation load that went with Falcon 4.0 (which was enormous back when it was released), and a new version with all the patches and updates since 4.0 was released recently (Falcon 4.0 Allied Forces), so all I need is a new USB joystick (my old thrustmaster kit was wonderful to use but needs a joystick port my laptop doesn’t have). … Read the rest

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