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Kada2.py output

Ray asked to see what the output of the kada2 script I’ve been working on looks like – only problem is that I’ve been using a real datafile for development, so it has people’s names in it. To avoid any shoutyness, one quick python script to read in the members.kda file and write it back out to test.kda with all the names changed to John Smith; then a quick run with this file as the members.kda file and some imagemagick conversions and viola, the current kada.py output.

Air Rifle Ladder

The free rifle ladders look identical to that page.

The next three pages are from report.pdf, and generally aren’t meant to be posted for the club, they’re more for the club committee to track stuff as it’s happening in the club:

Score histograms

Scores boxplots

Those two pages are fairly straightforward (and mostly used to track performance of the folks who are shooting in the ladders for things like squad selection and so forth.

Membership analyses

That page is somewhat less than perfect right now! The pie charts aren’t awful for seeing what’s happening, but the labelling is awful. More work required…

Here are the actual pdf files if you want them:




  1. Ray?! Who is this Ray? 😛

    Nah, nice work man… some seriously powerful stuff wrapped up in there. I’ll definitely be using some of this stuff in the near future.


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