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Hosting365 takes another nose-dive. Hosting364 is becoming more and more of an industry joke at this point. The last few crashes had unsatisfactory after-incident reports, and what little they showed demonstrated a lack of proper procedures (like testing machines to ensure that they recovered in the event of a power failure, or having redundant power feeds to racks, or having a backup nameserver that wasn’t sitting in the same room on the same power and net feeds of the primary nameserver).

This latest crash, caused by a failure in the air conditioning, saw the great PR move of informing everyone that only non-critical systems were down… including, apparently, the nameservers (both of which seem to still be in the same room on the same power and net feed), and most of the customers. Hint: if you want to keep a customer happy following an incident like this, don’t tell them that their system was non-critical…


  1. And my site is down with the whole Hosting365….

    Hey! My blog is up! Hosted by BlackNight! Can not work, since my company site is down, at least I can write somethng in a blog! Thansks for the idea Mark!

    Ivan | http://www.JobsBlog.ie

  2. @ Ivan: maybe you should move your site to Blacknight also ๐Ÿ™‚ Not just your blog! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Hi Mark,

    I don’t think it’s fair to say we are an industry joke. Today’s problems are very very frustrating for us, but like a number of high profile data centres in the last year that have had problems – we fixed them fast and are getting back to normal. We did not suffer a full outage, which is testament to the investment we are continuing to make. The DNS problems are annoying, and we have a project underway for the past few months to move all DNS to another platform. It’s a pity this wasn’t completed.


  4. Ed, six months to move ns3 out of CityWest and it’s not done despite promises after the last outage? Saying you’ve not had a full outage while your nameservers are down (and so users can’t use your systems)? Referring to client machines as non-critical? Referring to nameservers as noncritical?

    And what high profile data centres had outages last year that weren’t caused by someone blowing up power transformers or using a shotgun on their network cables? I mean, if someone had dug through your cables with a JCB in citywest, that would be understandably outside your control – but air conditioning and internal power distribution are by definition within your control.

    At the last outage, it was noted in your report that the seriousness of the outage was compounded by the time it took for systems to recover after power was restored; this was a configuration problem, which your comments on the h365 blog imply have not yet been addressed.

    And I can’t see how attacking anyone who points out that there are problems can be a part of the engineering solution to those problems.

  5. Another BULLSH1T excuse from hosting360! I wouldnt even go as far as Hosting364

    Imcompetent is one word that springs to mind

  6. Interestingly the comment I left on their support blog about a suggested hosting company for refugees from H365 has been removed. I wonder how many more comments will be removed to paint a better picture of today’s events.

    For the record it’s:


    I’ve been using them for about 5 years. There have been problems but any outages were fixed quickly and response were professional.

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