1. – “It vibrates a lot”
    Also when running without a blank?
    – 550 W is 0.75 CV which is more than a treadle lathe.
    – on the Lidl web site it is advertised at 99.99 €; let’s say 100. Our government (Be) has decided that when you pay with cash the total bill is rounded to the nearest 0.05€. (but you can use 0.01 and 0.02 coins until they are suppressed at EU level)
    – You could try to clamp it between a dog and the end vise.
    – one day, I might try to make this:

  2. Nothing like a new tool – good or bad – to get you to learn a bit. My bungee lathe, while not a good lathe at all (and my skills are commensurate with that), allows me to do things I couldn’t do before. I hope your lathe gives you some new capabilities.

  3. Author

    So in order:
    – it doesn’t vibrate that much when running without a blank, but that was a realllly light blank.
    – it claims 550W, but I suspect that’s how much power it draws and doesn’t translate well to how much energy there is at the chuck. I strongly suspect I could stall that motor by grabbing the blank, not that I plan to try 🙂
    – I don’t know why they have €99 on the website, it was €79.99 on the lidl.ie website and that’s what I paid. https://www.lidl.ie/en/p/discover-diy/woodturning-lathe/p32247
    – I like Maguire’s plan and Ron Ayler (https://ronaylor.wordpress.com/) has a nice design for a spring-pole lathe with the spring pole beneath the table which is nice and compact; but even those designs would not fit into my shed, that lidl one is actually getting on for too big itself. A proper electrical mini lathe would fit; but only if I gave up doing anything else forever, which I don’t want to do.

    Really do want though to stress that I’m not trusting this thing as far as I can throw it at the moment. This was a spur-of-the-moment bit of messing about and at the moment I don’t even plan to keep this thing forever. I’m going to mess with it for a while, and unless it shows it can actually do something useful, I’ll get rid of it. And I’m not treating it as very safe either 😀

  4. Hi.i am a joiner by trade and yes this is only a light machine.but a young nephew of mine bought one a few weeks ago.the gouges are not great but you would be surprised what little projects he has made with it..ok if you have plenty of money buy a quality lathe..but for a starter lathe this is a good investment for the money

  5. Author

    I dunno about plenty of money Dominic, but I had a few years worth of birthday and xmas presents saved up in the form of gift vouchers for the Carpentry Store out in Naas and I went out there over the break and bought a mini lathe, one of the axminister ones, and Herself booked me into a course locally as an xmas present so I’ll keep playing with this one for a while, but I think that one will take over once I get it installed…

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