1. All this is incredibly inexpensive (and cheap?).
    I guess the gyro has too much drift to cross the Atlantic but then you can use the GPS. Of course one would do it the other way around, using the gyro to compensate short term GPS outage. Gyro also useful for basic autopilot and very short range navigation where the GPS is not precise enough.
    So many roads to explore.
    Happy new year and much fun with the toys.


  2. Author

    Oh, definitely these aren’t intended for primary navigation devices for anything important – they’re mainly byproducts of things like the mobile phone industry. Grand to play with, might even be useful for some real world purposes, but don’t put them in any part of a system that would hurt someone if it failed…

  3. You might have seen on the blog “journeyman’s journal” dated 15th of January 3 old videos about Irish cabinet makers.
    I the 3rd one they are making wood strips for inlay.
    between 1’25” and 2′ 40″.

  4. Author

    Saw that a while ago Sylvain, it was an old Irish television series called Hands and they were based in Cavan (I don’t think they’re still going, but the show was filmed in the 1970s). You can still get the show here : https://hands.ie/

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