1. Looks interesting…I’ve just ordered one of these hoping they can deliver the project. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1697979147/lidar-for-everyone-hybo-ilidar?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=ilidar

  2. Author

    It looks interesting, but I don’t think it’s true solid-state LIDAR. There were a few papers 20 years back about projecting a laser line into the field of view of a camera and watching for how the line was distorted from the expected arc by obstacles and using that distortion and the known estimate of the robot’s motion to “scan” the obstacle; but it wasn’t so much scanning as it was just computer vision with a specific form of lighting.
    http://www.bupam.boun.edu.tr/cmpe699/Burak/d-computer-vision-using.pdf is the earliest work I know of on the idea, but it wasn’t really my field.

    Based on the design they seem to be using in that kickstarter, with what looks like a laser line module in the base and a camera at the top, I’d guess they’re doing a structured light sensor, not solid state lidar (which even today I would expect to be a research project or horribly expensive).

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