1. With all those machines you might want more horizontal surface.
    The cyclone and dust container would take the place of the sander but then you could shelve the planer and sander above the vacuum cleaner.
    The nice thing is you could use a (relatively) low profile dust container.

    ” that DRO’s a tad more exposed than I’d like, especially if I’m getting at the tools in the plastic boxes on the left” Any reason for not putting the planer on the left? (bumping the head on the vise while reaching for the planer?) or swapping the planer and the sander.

  2. Author

    I’d love some Benoit, but the entire shed is 8′ by 6′ in size; there’s just no room. And yeah, I could move the planer to the left, but if I moved the cart with the bandsaw and sander, I’d be very likely to give it a wallop.
    I think I’ll wind up moving more stuff from under the bench into a proper cart for the extraction (but it’ll be vertical rather than having a horizontal layout and I’ll put some space for shelves in there).

  3. A vertical execution is certainly an option. Compared to other dust carts, the main features of the carts in the links are:
    – being able to put something on top of the cyclone;
    – using a dust receptacle which is part of the cart structure with an easy emptying box which will not itself be under depression.; and
    -one does not need to manipulate the cyclone to empty the box.

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