I can see clearly now…

It’s entirely possible only other people who do woodwork in tiny, tiny sheds will understand the unbelievable awesomeness of what’s on my bench at the moment.

I even gave it a coat of BLO&turps since I have no idea when I’ll next see it that clear again.

Now I just need to tidy up down by its right front leg so I can stand in front of the end vice and I might be able to plane the sides of the bookshelf project without swearing too much…

Also, I need to have a rule in the shed that I will never ever ever ever again put a box or box-like container on the bench for just five minutes to hold one or two small things out of the way. It’s taken over a year to get that sodding mess off the right-hand side of my bench.

Tomorrow, I’m going to start on the shelves. I don’t have all the final details in my head squared away, but the build is going to start off with making up a 20″ by 36″ panel in walnut and that’s not going to be changing so I might as well get on with it…

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