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Shed jobs

Still working on sketches for the next project, and it’s too hot to do very much (we’re Irish, we melt somewhere between 24C and 26C and we’re topping out at 30C now so of course we’re all draped over a couch, only moving if we hear the ice cream van…)

Sketchup and me and curved surfaces is an unfamiliar territory, but the way you draw it is fairly close to building it that you make a rectangle, match it against other shapes, cut off the excess and shape any curves and so on, so the actual process is like a long-winded finicky walkthrough with your brain on how you’re going to build the thing. So, helpful, sort of.
Meanwhile, pottering about doing shed jobs, popping glue off the silicone glue brushes and trays, tidying up a bit, that sort of thing.

Like taking five minutes to add that third rail for clamps that I’ve needed for the last few months…

And breaking the edges on my new chunk of aluminium box section that’s going to be the new bandsaw fence…

And making up a base for the bending rib.

That’ll do for now I think. I mean, it’s ugly as sin, those are the waste blocks from bandsaw boxes I’m using as wrist rests/handles there, but sod it, shed jig.

And the poplar is mellowing nicely.

I am so not looking forward to flattening and thickness planing these down by a quarter inch by hand…

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