1. As a stopped rabett is a kind of stopped groove, you might try this another time:

    Now I have to order the fence for the Veritas router I received three and a half month after ordering it. As there is no endangered species wood on the fence, I hope there will be no further problem.

  2. Author

    I do use the router (an #071 or #722 depending on the size of the groove involved) for the last mm or so of rabbets and grooves, but it’s faster if I chop out the bulk of the waste with the chisels – the router’s more a finishing plane for me. And yeah, cites rules on exotics are a pain sometimes, but they’re for the best in the long run. Beats the victorian’s method (clear-cut entire species out of existence so none of us get to play with lignum vitae or mahogany or rosewood anymore 🙁 )

  3. It seems Veritas was in someway taken by surprise or didn’t plan ahead. I don’t mind having mundane wood for the handles of my tools.
    I agree. I am for the protection of the biodiversity (wood included).

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