1. Those plastic cyclone bins don’t work so well, do they. I grabbed one from the place named after a South American river with a step in it, then bricklaid a ring to reinforce it from imploding. Works well so far. If that one starts crushing, I’ll bite the bullet and get the metal canister.

    I found once they go raisin shape, it takes less and less vacuum to repeat the process.

  2. Author

    Yup, once you pop, you can’t stop 😀
    For the new one, I’m putting a pressure relief valve in the top (nothing fancy, just drill a hole, have a dowel-and-plate plug the hole from inside and have a spring holding the plate against the inside of the drum head. When the vacuum exceeds the spring force, down goes the plate, in comes air from outside, stops the barrel collapsing. That, and the extra strength from the smaller size, might be enough to keep it intact.

    …maybe 😀

  3. For future reference, I bought an Eagle 1610MB drum and you can see where the side is stepped – that’s where I put the reinforcement ring inside. It raisined without the ring but has been fine since. I use a 30 gallon liner to make emptying easier.

    Good luck.

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