1. I like your shooting board solution for the molding plane.

  2. “That iron can really get some distance on it when you give it a belt with a hammer when the wedge isn’t holding it in the plane.” That one gave me a good laugh.

    Regarding the part at the beginning about cutting the inside shoulder of the tenon a bit deeper than the outside shoulder – I’ve seen Richard McGuire’s latest series too, but I thought it was only a plane shaving or two difference from shoulder to shoulder. Or maybe I’m confusing that with the way he planes the legs slightly out-of-square.

  3. Author

    It’s not a plane shaving from shoulder to shoulder Matt; as someone pointed out on his blog, Peter Follansbee has found similar joints in 17th century stuff and the difference there is quite substantial:

    The planing out of square for the table leg is the bit that’s a plane shaving or two out (more than that and you’d have too much torsion to assemble the table readily I think).

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