1. The angle between your apron and bench top might have many causes (hardwood or not):
    – the leg frame not being square;
    – the two face of the apron not being parallel;
    – idem for the faces of the bench top.
    Theoretically, if the fence is parallel to the iron side and pressed against the piece, the groove should be parallel to the face whatever the bench-top/apron inclination.
    I am always fascinated by Paul Sellers cutting a board square while it is clamped askew in his vise.
    About the ragged inside edge:
    Is the iron slightly proud of the skate on the right?


  2. Author

    I think what has happened is that the apron’s moved since the bench was made Sylvain; it was square when I made it! The vice does exacerbate it because like all the record woodworking vices, it doesn’t clamp the jaws in parallel but pinches at the top (that’s by design rather than an accident). I think I just need to build a sticking board with an adjustable fence for this sort of thing.

    And yes, I think the iron may not be perfect (the fence itself is fine, I checked).

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