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Yeah, it was that time again.
What happened was that I put one of the ash boards I’d bought last time and had intended for use in panels on the cot… into the wrong pile of boards for crosscutting when I got home (you have to do the first rough crosscut on the day you bring them home if you only have a tiny 8’x6′ shed to store them in. 16′ boards just won’t fit in there 😀 )
End result, I now get more of one project than I thought I would, but I needed more ash for the panel. Oh well. Off to Quinns again 😀

And if you’re buying one board, you might as well get a few so I picked up some more poplar and some beautiful sapele when I was there (16″ wide boards!… Read the rest

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Last time I was at the timber yard, they gave me a small offcut of sapele to play with.
I now know this was that “first free one” famed in drug dealer PSAs…
img_9908a img_9911a

Just look at that grain!

Also got to use the lidl chisels a bit after sharpening them. They came with flat backs along the first few inches in all bar the widest one and that only needed a minute or so of work; they take a nice edge and hold it reasonably well and they fit my hands fine. For less than a tenner, that’s a damn good bargain.… Read the rest

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Bucket list

Well, *I* think it’s listing a bit to the side. Might need another screw.


Still, it gets the pencils and marking knife and some smaller things up off the bench.

Finished prepping another 48″ length of walnut for the frame, but the waney edge on it meant it wasn’t useful as a 48″ length. So I guess it’s going to be one of the front legs and two feet of spare walnut. Oh well.

Then I figured it was high time to get some practice in for the joinery on account of having only cut joints in pine before now and having new tools to try.


Okay, all marked up for a half-inch tenon. This is the kind of joint we’ll have in the box section at the base of the frame, so large tenons would be a good thing and the shoulders don’t have to take very much strain at all, they’re mostly for alignment.… Read the rest

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