1. What sort of specs does this cute little system have? I’ve got an odroid system on my desk for some arm porting test work (4 way 64-bit cpus + 2G ram, all in a raspberry Pi form factor). The base cost for the odroid is only $35 (the mmc memory card I put in it actually costs more than the cpu board).

  2. Author

    1GHz A13 processor, 512Mb RAM, 4Gb storage (flash), USB, wifi, bluetooth, native RCA video out with add-one boards for VGA and HDMI (I got the VGA one), I2C, SPI, 8x GPIO, built-in lithium battery support (ie. run off a lithium battery and if you plug in the USB power, it can charge the lithium battery for you). Still haven’t been able to play much with it yet though.

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