1. C-section doesn’t mean no breastfeeding – I have done it. But yes, the boob fascists can all go to hell.

  2. I have resorted to wearing my wife’s bathrobe when getting up during the night to soothe our crying baby. She just loves it’s soft fibres. Not good for my image!

  3. This is an absolutely brilliant list of things someone with a new baby needs to do, I wish I had it when my first was born!

  4. Thank you! Great list and interesting read. Off to Ireland to get all the cheap essentials. Cost of baby stuff in Italy is, hilariously, about triple the Irish prices believe it or not … plus they’ve never heard of muslins or Witch Hazel (which is great to pour on sanitary pads to help with soothing, and healing stitches). Expecting twins soon and don’t want to be stuck without!

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