As I said in an earlier post detailing the CCHashTable, it formed a part of a larger data structure, the HAT-Trie. The HAT-Trie is a recent variant on the trie data structure, published by Askitis and Sinha in last year’s Australasian conference on Computer science (the original paper is here). The problem they were addressing was that while the trie is very fast, it’s also very expansive in memory; and while some variants of it like the radix trie (or Patricia trie) and the related burst-trie, are less expensive in terms of memory space, they aren’t as fast as they could be because they don’t take into account caches in their design.… Read the rest

New job, new machine. So the last two days I’ve been setting up hardware platforms for work (one linux desktop machine, one win32 laptop, and some cool toys like an iPod Touch and a Nokia N800 – there are more to come, but it’s more than enough to start with). I’ve been using Kubuntu for work for a few years, and Xubuntu on my ancient (and now breaking) laptop at home (an Inspiron 1100, which should tell you why it’s xubuntu and not kubuntu there as well).… Read the rest