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It’s finally here!

So if you know science fiction web comics, you probably know Schlock Mercenary. It’s been going since June 2000 and so far they’ve racked up over 6800 comic strips, which have been released over the years in (so far) 13 books, and because I was earning the square root of feck all back then I never did keep up with the books, but of late I’ve had a little bit more cash to play with so last October when they were doing a kickstarter for their latest book Random Access Memorabilia I thought I’d fix that. And today, a few months late (but these things are expected to run over schedule and this was waaaaay less late than a lot of others), this arrived…

Bit of a haul carrying that home by hand, but worth it…

Wifely approval…

🎼♬ It was glowing, it was green, it was anything but clean
It was the protoplasmic shelter for that foul invading race
And what I don’t understand is how you fell into their plan —
I can’t think of one good reason why you put it in your face ♬

Thirteen reasons and more wifely approval 😀

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some reading to do…





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