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Back to the shed

So technically, I’ve been back in the shed for a little while now and have just not been typing up blog posts as often. The finger has healed up well, though I did have to retrain my phone’s fingerprint sensor and I’ll have a nice scar because bandsaw cuts aren’t like knife cuts in that they remove material instead of just slicing it. Incidentally, I did finally finish up what I was doing when I had the whoopsie:

Oh well. During the downtime, I was looking at what to do about my broken air compressor. The company I bought it from has decided going radio silent is a very effective approach to my queries as I can’t drive there and walk in and ask them to honour their warranty, so for the moment the options were repair an air compressor myself with no real knowledge of how to do that (oooh, pressure vessels, what could possibly go wrong?)… Read the rest

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