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The marking on the wall

Finished the assembly of the marking tools holder and got it up on the wall.


Well. Almost finished it. I need to attach a pencilholder type of tube for pencils and a shorter one for marking knives and awls and so on, and I’d like a seperate shelf with a large hole in it to hold the morticing gauge. But I want there to be space in there for any future gauges as well, so that’s okay. It gets the bench a bit cleaner and makes life a bit easier. Progress. Small steps.

img_9869a img_9870a img_9871a

It’s a bit of a step forward from only a few weeks back.


And after that, ripped down another 48″x2″ length of walnut and marked up for the next 48″ length, which I’ll finish ripping tomorrow, and try to get some crosscuts done to get more components ready, and maybe practice cutting an M&T joint in walnut.… Read the rest

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Cleaning up and first pieces

So first thing this weekend was to clean up the shed. So obviously that meant building the cyclone dust collector 😀 I had tried this earlier:


And obviously it didn’t work well because it leaked vacuum all over the place. Maybe with some sealant around the lip of the bin it would have worked, but meh, it was a trial run anyway, the plan was always to get a barrel instead. That proved a little awkward, nowhere around here sells them, so ebay it was and the thing got shipped from Germany of all places. Cut the hole in the top, fitted the cyclone to that, cut down the hose a bit because it proved to be too long to maintain vacuum, and then fired it up and it worked!… Read the rest

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