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Purse/wallet hybrid – Purlet? Walse?

So last September or so I thought it’d be neat to make a custom purse for Mom to do her shopping with. Mom’s got some old-school shopping habits, like always keeping receipts, and there’s also the point that for some reason purses don’t ever seem to be made with shopping in mind, so I had ideas

I made up a prototype from some dyed vegtan leather (nothing terribly fancy, just some 1.4mm stuff from Tandy) using oxblood Fiebing’s.

It’s based off a Corter Leather pattern (albiet with a lot of changes and additions). There’s a spot behind the zippered pouch for your mobile phone to be stored. But adding in the zippered pouch made the design too tight to close when everything was filled up…

So Mom took that and used it for a few months and figured out what worked and what didn’t while I sourced some nice materials.… Read the rest

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