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Long stretchers

Rain yesterday, rain tonight, but for a few hours, no rain. So, time to cut the last mortices (got the tenons for the long stretchers cut during the week).

This time, chopped the first five mm or so using a chisel the paul sellers way, and did that on both sides, then used the auger to remove the waste and cleaned up by chisel.

It’s not going to win awards, but it’s at least cleaner than when I started this and it’ll do for now.

Rear stretcher fits…

…and so does the front stretcher. Grand.

Next step was to drill the drawboring holes for the M&T joints on the stretchers. All will be using ½” pegs except for the thinnest part of the front right leg (which is only barely 2″ thick at that spot, so I’ll use a ¼” peg for that one). And I just managed to get the holes drilled with the auger for all twelve joints before this hit…

All back under the tarp now, and we’re due a few dry evenings this week. I need to make up some drawbore pegs, and then I think it’s time to start on assembly…

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