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Never enough clamps

Well, the vice leg glue-up seems to have been unaffected by its shower, and it’s now a suitably beefy leg (by which I mean, it’s now large enough to look comically too large for the benchtop. Oh well, it won’t be the only thing that’ll look funny about this by the time I’m done I suspect). There wasn’t much time for the rest of the week to do much work (so I occupied myself by buying more tools. Why did nobody tell me this was a sickness you could catch? What the hell did I need a #6 for? Well, other than for preparing smaller boards that didn’t really need the #7, and for filling the space in the tool cabinet between the #5½ and the #7…. though maybe a T5 would help with the symmetry… Oh, for pete’s sakes!).… Read the rest

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Scrubbing, flattening and beefy legs

A full weekend day without rain. Wow. I mean. I’d heard legends but… just wow.
So I immediately took full advantage of the day by sleeping late. Crud.
And before doing anything with the bench, I hauled out the grinder and reground the bevels on my #7 after an earlier argument with a knot:

And since I was doing that, I reground the camber on my scrub plane to make it a little more aggressive:

I may need to rename that thing Sid.… Read the rest

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